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Melissa Bean

Mosaic Expressions

You couldn't have said it better yourself. Tell 'em what you really think with these colorful, handcrafted mosaic works featuring letters in mixed fonts. Since I make my own letter tiles from scratch, I can customize a mosaic piece for you. Vibrant colored, mix n match fonts in many sizes are available as loose tiles as well, like the ones at the top of the screen.

Mosaic expressions are glazed, low-fire earthenware with pique assiette ( broken plate) borders or grounds. Sizes vary depending upon design. Samples feature mirrors, signage and kitchen backsplash applications, and range from 3.5" x 7" to 20" x 24".

Starting at $125

Melissa Bean

Menu / Message Boards and re-writable place cards

Both feature re-writable ceramic surfaces - use dry erase, water-based or permanent markers.

meMsg boards can be used for menus or messages.

meMsg boards are the artfully green way to leave messages, post reminders and show off your menu to family and guests.

Each meMsg board is handcrafted and personalized - choose image, copy and color. MeMsg boards make great gifts for newlyweds, folks who enjoy cooking and entertaining, and for anyone looking for colorful and functional home decor. They can be personalized with images of people, pets or hobbies.

Frames are painted aluminum. Black metal stands also available for an additional cost. They can hang on a wall or sit on a counter.

Monogrammed place cards come with matching wooden stands, available in many designs.

Menu/Message board prices start at $150

Melissa Bean

Mosaic Accent Mirrors

I did a series of these 10.5" square mirrors, each with a different theme. This hearth mirror example is called "Peculiar Attraction" and it's about the use of tile and that artist in the upper right corner is me. The copy says "There are peculiar attractions in decorative tiles. Pave a hearth then light a fire. Enjoy the magical effect. Designs relieve monotony and exert a soothing influence." Don't you agree?

Melissa Bean

Say It In Mosaic

Colorful glazed mosaic word and letter tiles let you "say it in mosaic."

Letter tile sizes vary from 1/2" to 4".

Inquire about pricing, fonts and color.

Melissa Bean

Painted Wood House Signs

What's in a name? Take a closer look. Custom signs feature your family name, home and/or house number creatively interpreted within the artwork.

Approx. 12" x 9". Hand-painted acrylic on wood then varnished. Pre-drilled with four brass screws for hanging. Custom designs can be rebus (image/word puzzles) interpretations of your name or address or personal images. These house signs should not be exposed to direct weather- best to hang in a protected area, like a covered porch.

Starting at $195

Melissa Bean


I tend to love the medium I am using at the time, but I always go back to painting.

These days I do two kinds of paintings: plein air (painting directly outdoors) and studio paintings. Both are small- perhaps due to my time available, storage, affordability or my age…the giant wall sized works have been replaced by a quieter, more intimate size.

Most of the plein air paintings are done near our cabin at the Whiteface River Reservoir, in Makinen, MN. My husband, Scott Bean, and I outfitted a golf cart to become an "art cart" in 2010 and in 2012 we converted a small paddle wheeler into a flat-bottomed pontoon "art barge". Both vehicles permit us to get very close to our painting subjects and offer a greater variety of locations and perspectives. We pack all our supplies on these 2-3 hour outings – we have it down to water containers, water-based oils, brushes, paper towels and paper palettes, portable easels and stools – and hang the paintings to dry in the cabin over the summer. Then in the fall we bring them home, varnish and frame them, and show the summer's work on a big wall in our home. It's constantly changing. We show and sell them when we can - they're 8" x 10" for $150. Our inspirations are the Canadian Seven, a group of painters who worked outdoors on similar sized wood panels.

See Scott's paintings on his website:

The studio paintings are done with an acrylic-gouache paint. It's water based, like an opaque watercolor, but without the water staining problems that often affect plain gouache. These are mostly interiors and are even smaller than the oils- about 5" x 7" on paper. I am attracted to scenes with luminosity; many are interiors and often contain people or animals. I also like a lot of pattern details. These paintings take much longer to make - 15 to 20 hours is not unusual.

Melissa Bean

Pet Sculptures

Who let the dogs (cats) in?? You don't have to worry about the pet hair left behind on these chairs. Pay tribute to your best friend(s) with a charming custom sculpture featuring your pets on your furniture.

Pet sculptures are glazed,or painted, made of low-fire earthenware. Approx. 6" x 6" x 6". Created from photos, multiple angles, supplied by customer.

Starting at $250

Melissa Bean

Family Portraits

Freeze the moment - your family and friends in their favorite snuggle spot. These colorful three-dimensional portraits, featuring replicas of your home furnishings, are perfect for table tops, book shelves, desk tops and more.

Family portraits are low-fire earthenware clay, painted and coated with a protective spray. Approx. 6" x 4" x 3". You supply photos from multiple angles.

Starting at $350

Melissa Bean

Ceramic Relief House or Garden Signs

On a fence post or garden gate, these durable ceramic relief signs greet the day. Standard designs include "welcome," "garden," "private" and more. Custom signs are available including your name, address, favorite flower, animal, motif, etc.

Approx. 9" x 6". Blue, gold, or green glaze on white earthenware or white glaze on red earthenware clay. Holes provided for hanging. Simple nature motifs (birds, flowers, etc.) or custom images available.

Starting at $115

Melissa Bean

Ceramic Ornaments

I do custom ornaments of pets or houses, and I also make Minnesota Christmas ornaments, of many shapes and words.

Pet Ornaments - Capture your dog or cat in a ceramic hand-painted clay ornament. Each is unique and can include pet's name. Approx 3 x 4" ready for hanging on the wall or tree. $45 plus shipping. You supply photo - email or regular mail. Orders for Christmas delivery must be received by December 1st.

House Ornaments - Celebrate a new home or take with you a memory of one you have left behind. Each ceramic ornament is bisque fired earthenware then hand painted, varnished and ready to hang. Customers supply photos. Custom house ornaments take approx 6 weeks and start at $85. Sizes vary with image.

Minnesota Ornaments - These colorful glazed ceramic ornaments celebrate Minnesota, Minneapolis, and NE Minneapolis in words and images. No two are alike. Prices range from $4.50 for the 1" square mini Minns to $22 for the largest ones. I Like YOU in Minneapolis has a nice selection for sale year round.

Melissa Bean

Public Art

Large mosaics commissioned for display in public spaces.

Sizes vary. Inquire about pricing.

Featured here: A mosaic mural coatrack I did for the Hennepin County Eden Prairie Public Library, in collaboration with metal artist Marlaine Cox. It's in the Children's Area. The borders have names of characters from children's literature, arranged alphabetically. The interior is like a children's sampler - letters and symbols - with a nod to the classic ABC song's last line: "Do you know them?" There are several "secrets" in there, too. I designed it hoping it would be appreciated on many levels - youngest viewers can identify letters and symbols; older readers can look up the characters and check out the books; adults can recall some characters from books they read that children are still reading. The metal hooks are made up of combined alphabet letters - and several of them spell out words as well.

The large ceramic screen was done for the City of Minneapolis as part of the first Minneapolis Mosaic festival in 2003. Framed in metal, its words and images came from people in Minneapolis who talked to me about their art making, art enjoyment and participation. I took their words and made letter tiles that spell out their ideas and I made images that relate to the words. This project was done over a 9-week period at several art fairs in the city. It is called a "participatory" mosaic because the ideas came from the public and the public helped me create the colorful pique assiette (broken plate) border.The screen is approximately 10' long by 5' tall and is displayed outside the mayor's office at City Hall.

Melissa Bean

Large Ceramic Tile Initial Pendants

Handmade initial tiles measure 1 1/4" square, set in a silver plated bezel pendant frame on a 24" nickel plated brass ball chain. Variety of colors and fonts available - as well as different sizes and shapes. Those shown are priced $25 retail and can be seen in person at I Like YOU in NE Minneapolis.

Melissa Bean

Tile Jewelry Pendants

I found a new way to use my letter tiles - jewelry! Prices depend on size ( 1/2" to 1 1/2") and metal type used in pendant and chain.

Melissa Bean

Cat tiles custom kitchen wall

I made these cat tiles to go on a wall behind a stove. They are 6" square portraits of the owners' cats along with their names. It seemed like a great way to combine images with copy. The wall is a real focal point in the kitchen…and conversation piece!

Melissa Bean

Children's Name Plates

These ceramic mosaic hangings make perfect baby gifts. Approx 5 x 7". Email info: name, image or theme, main colors. $125